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Squirting School - The Ultimate Female Orgasm Experience

You'll watch the video demonstration with Marcus London and learn how to give any girl a squirting orgasm. There are over 4 hours of explicit video instructions and live demonstrations on 5 different girls.

Once you master the technique after watching the videos, you'll be able to try it out on your girl - and she'll be thanking you. And, after she has her first squirting orgasm, she'll never want an ordinary orgasm again.

Squirting School


My Wife And I Are 60

We have an unbelievable sex life and we are nudists by lifestyle. We have also done some swinging. My wife has always been a squirter but this stopped about two years ago. I actually never had any idea how or why or what I was doing.

Your lessons were incredible. She's back, drenching me every chance she gets and I love it.


Worked the First Time We Tried

I honestly didn't know what to expect with this program but I was really curious if the techniques would be different than all the other videos online and they definitely were different.

I had tried this before with my wife but it didn't work until I got your program and used what you taught me now it works every time we try.


I Was Astounded by Her Reaction

I wasn't ready for what would happen!

Even though Marcus and all of the girls in the programs tell you, and show you exactly what to expect, I just wasn't ready for what my wife's reaction would be.

At first she was really embarrassed by what had happened, and then she was confused, but after that went away she was obsessed with it.

She loves watching it come out of her and can't get enough.


I'm 72 Years Old but I Feel Like I'm 30 Now

I have been around the block a time or two, and I've seen just about every kind of video out there, but what Marcus London does with these girls - it's something I've never seen before.

I wish I had known about this 50 years ago when I first started having sex, the girls back then would have lost their minds over it...hell, they still do.

Thanks Marcus!



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Info I can use with my girlfriend. I love that it is so informative and gets me to try things I never would have thought of doing - and doing it to the point that it seems like I know what I'm doing!

-Tom Miller (Austin TX)

I like that my girlfriend doesn't know where I'm getting these ideas, but she doesn't care because she loves it.

-Richard Saks (Tampa FL)

Marcus London: AVN Award Winning for best male talent of the year.

Marcus London

During Marcus London's 15+ year adult film career, he has had sex with well over 5000 women. During this time he has perfected the technique of giving any woman squirting orgasms. After discovering this technique he began teaching others how to do it, and was the first to create an instructional video program that showed the technique to give any girl a squirting orgasm. Along the way he has given hundreds, if not thousands of women squirting orgasms, many of them experiencing it for the first time ever, and these women all agree on one thing: "Marcus London is the best lover I've ever had. Period."



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