Using Emotion To Drive Her Sexually Wild

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Dear Men,

If there was just one thing I could teach you about giving your girl great sex it would be this.

You MUST turn her on EMOTIONALLY!

Most guys don’t get this because for them being turned on is much more visual and more physical.

It’s why guys go to strip clubs and girls read romance novels.

Don’t believe me? Did you know that Danielle Steel (Romance Novel Author) has sold over 550 million books and is the seventh best-selling author of all time?!

In fact, every guy should read one just to see how women fantasize about sex.

So you MUST stimulate her emotionally. Here’s how:

1) Be Verbal

It’s hard to be emotional when you are silent. And nothing turns us girls off more than being methodically pounded by a quiet robot.

Don’t know what to say? Worried about sounding stupid?

Start by simply describing what you’re doing, then tell her what you’re about to do. You can also watch my friends and I in our adult movies for some great ideas 😉

Tell her what positions to get into. Tell her to talk dirty to you, tell her how much you love her, ANYTHING is better than awkward silence.

And if you feel uncomfortable with that, start with some simple groans of pleasure.

There’s lots more great tips on how to talk during sex in our video series, “We Teach Sex”

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2) Range of Emotions

This is important. When I say emotions I’m not talking about always making the sex about love or romance.

Girls want to feel a range of emotions. Sometimes it is about feeling loved, other times it’s about feeling lusted for. Sometimes they want to feel that they are doing something forbidden.

Give her a range of emotions to keep her excited.

3) Teasing

Teasing is a great way to build up her emotions. Try this next time you are with your girl.

First get her really turned on with some good foreplay.

But instead of predictably leading right into sex, tease her first. Place your cock like you are about to penetrate her but don’t.

Tell her she isn’t ready for it, or tell her she has to beg for it.

Then go back to foreplay.

You can do this a few times until her anticipation builds up. When you finally do penetrate her, her response will be that much more intense.

Remember you can see LOTS more on emotion and the components of the P.A.V.E. system in my hot Video series, “We Teach Sex ” Check it out, you’ll be glad you did 😉

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Tricks To Make Her Sex Drive Stronger Than Yours

Do you ever feel as though you have a HIGHER sex drive than your girl?

Maybe you’re always the one who has to initiate sex… or maybe she’s just not in the mood as often as you are.

If you’re finding these things happening with your woman, you’re not alone.

But, I’m going to venture that the REASON WHY she doesn’t seem to want to make love as often as you do is NOT because she has a lower sex drive….

What is really happening is…

You’re Just Not Satisfying Her
Enough During Sex
To Make Her CRAVE It!

You see, in order for a woman to experience REAL sexual pleasure, she MUST be having orgasms.

Her moaning, saying its good, or just letting you have sex with her IS NOT ENOUGH.

Think about how sex would feel for YOU if you always got “close”… but were never able to fully get off…

That would pretty much suck, right??

Well that’s exactly what your girl is going through if you’re not giving her the mind-blowing orgasms she craves!

If you’re not giving your girl orgasms when you make love, it may SEEM like she is having fun. But in reality, she’s probably just being nice, and sleeping with you because she feels she has to.

And if this is the case, then she’s not going to want to have sex with you very often.

Worst case scenario… if she’s been with a guy in the past who was cabable of giving her orgasms… and you are not… she’s probably not going to stick around very long unless you are married or financially supporting her.

It’s sad, but true.

But fortunately since most guys DON’T know how to give a woman orgasms you probably don’t have anything to worry about. (But in a way, isn’t that even MORE sad?!? LOL!)

On the upside, giving a woman orgasms is not DIFFICULT… it’s just DIFFERENT!

A woman’s body works very differently than a man’s, and once you know the subtle differences, it’s actually very EASY to give your woman not just one orgasm… but 2, 3, 4 or more… even different kinds!

And Here’s The Best Part…

When you ARE able to give your woman orgasms, sex with you is not frustrating… it’s FUN!

So of course, she’ll want to have sex with you all the time!

Often times, she’ll even be the one asking you for sex.

You can trust me on that =)

Here’s How To TELL
If You Are Getting Her Off…

The lesson to take away here is that your girl’s “sex drive” and how often she wants to have sex with you have nothing to do with body chemistry… and everything to do with whether or not you are sexually satisfying her.

With this in mind, here’s how to tell if you are:

If your girl wants sex at least 3-4 times a week, then you are satisfying her.

If she DOESN’T want sex at least 3-4 times a week, then I am sorry, but you are not.

It’s really that simple.

How To Make Absolutely SURE You
Satisfy Your Woman Every Time…

Step 1.) Start By Giving Her A Foreplay Orgasm Every Time

Giving a girl an orgasm through intercourse is a MUCH more intense experience for a girl, and giving her one of these body-shaking orgasms usually requires you know some techniques.

Of course, the best place to see those techniques is in my program, WeTeachSex but you already knew that =)

On the other hand, giving a woman a foreplay orgasm is easy.

So easy, that…

There is NO EXCUSE for not being able to give your girl a foreplay orgasm!

So let’s talk about how to do it, shall we?

But first, REMEMBER:

While you’re going to give her this orgasm during foreplay, it’s important that you continue to think of foreplay as PART of the sex… because to your girl, it is!

Women love foreplay and you can keep it going until she is DESPERATE for you to be inside of her. Women LOVE this!

Here are a few ways to keep foreplay going:

  • Kiss her for 10-15 minutes before taking off clothes (hers or yours)
  • Rub her over her “area” for 5 FULL minutes and refuse to take her panties or clothes off no matter how much she or you wants it – tell her how much she wants you AND how much you want her

If you start the technique I’m about to share with you AFTER you do all this stuff then you are almost GUARANTEED to give her a foreplay orgasm =)

So.. the easiest way to give her a foreplay orgasm is by stimulating her “love button”.

Here’s one way to do it that I know your girl will like =)

When massaging it, use one finger in circular strokes directly on it, but to the upper right.

Think of it like the 1:30 position on a clock. For reasons I can’t explain, this particular area of a woman’s clitoris is packed with even MORE nerve endings than the rest!

Make sure she is wet, or add lube (you can also lick your finger).

It’s important that you keep a steady pressure the whole time, but not too hard! We girls are much more sensitive than you are, so start off light, and don’t go harder until she starts pressing herself against you.

Once she starts lifting her hips towards you, go just a little bit faster… and tell her SOFTLY and GENTLY “come for me baby and totally relax”. This reassures her that it’s “ok” to let herself go, and often you reassuring her is exactly what she needs to go from feeling really good to going OVER THE TOP and having an incredible orgasm!

Step 2.) Discover How To Give Her More Advanced Orgasms

Giving a woman a foreplay orgasm is always a good time… but if you REALLY want to take her pleasure to a level that no man ever has before, you’re gonna have to give her the more ADVANCED types of orgasms that make her whole body pulsate with pleasure! The type of orgasms that leave her lying there wondering what just happened… and instantly have her calling you the BEST she’s ever had!

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Enjoy =)