5 Secrets About Sex That Women Will Never Admit

You have probably thought about what it would be like to be a rockstar in the bedroom, every man has. Unfortunately most men will never take the time to make it happen. You’re are one of the few who took the initiative and found this webpage. Congratulations. Now here are 5 Secrets about women you must know before you continue…

Secret #1) A Woman Will Never Tell You If You Suck In Bed

While a woman will complain for hours to her girlfriends about how clumsy and clueless you are in the bedroom… she will never, ever, EVER tell you.

A woman would rather put up with “average” sex than risk of telling you and hurting your feelings.

Instead, she’ll usually just FAKE like she’s enjoying it.

Have you ever worried that a woman might be “faking it” when she’s with you?

If so, you’re not alone. Women “fake it” all the time.

This can cause a serious problem…

Since a woman won’t ever tell you that you suck in bed, a lot of times guys never know that they are doing anything wrong.

(Some guys are even fooled into thinking that they are “good”!)

When in reality… the woman is lying there wishing she was with someone who really knew what they were doing… so she wouldn’t have to fake it.

>>Key takeaway: Many guys who are bad in bed don’t know it! (I used to be one of them…)

Secret #2) A Woman Will Always Leave A Guy Who Is Bad In Bed

So will a woman stay with a man who is just “ok” in bed?

Sure… until she finds someone else.

If you’ve ever had a woman you were sleeping with all of a sudden lose interest in you and didn’t know why… this was probably the reason.

>>Key takeaway: A woman will always LEAVE a man who is bad in bed! Sure, she will usually wait until she finds someone new… but she will always leave.

Secret #3) A Woman HATES Showing You How To Please Her

So why won’t a woman just show you how to please her in bed?

Well, let me ask you this – would you ever date a girl who was 40 pounds overweight and dressed like your brother with the thought that you would SHOW HER how to start eating right, going to the gym, and dressing more feminine?

Hell no!

Just like you don’t want to SHOW a woman how to be a woman… a woman doesn’t want to SHOW YOU how to be a man.

And in a woman’s eyes, a HUGE part of being a man – perhaps the most important part – is knowing how to rock her world in the bedroom.

The last thing a woman ever wants to do is to be your sex-ed teacher. Just the thought of showing a guy how to “do it” is so embarrassing to her that she’d rather just find someone else… no matter how well the 2 of you “click” outside of the bedroom.

>>Key takeaway: A woman’s BIGGEST turnoff is having to show you what to do in bed… so if you want to reap the rewards of being AMAZING in the bedroom… you had better learn on your own

Secret #4) It Is Relatively EASY To Make A Girl Sexually Addicted To You

Yes, you read that right. The reasons why are simple:

* Women LOVE sex. (If you need proof of this, think about how loudly a woman screams when she is getting off! Those aren’t screams of pain you know…)

* 99% of men are TERRIBLE in bed.

* Because of this, it is very RARE that a woman gets to have great sex

* So when she does find a man who can give it to her… she wants to have sex with him ALL THE TIME!

I’m sure you’ve heard of or known couples who have sex 3+ times a day. Well guess what?

In most cases… the WOMAN is initiating it!

It’s because she loves having sex and she was fortunate enough to find one of those very rare men who knows how to give it to her right.

>>Key takeaway: When you are great in bed, a woman will become sexually addicted to you… and want to be in bed with you ALL THE TIME!

Secret #5) A Woman Will NEVER Leave A Man Who Is Great In Bed!

Unlike men, women are NOT interested in having a variety of sexual partners.

So… when a woman finds a guy who is GREAT in bed, she knows that she has found something RARE.

She will never even look at another man. I’m sure you’ve seen this happen before.

Guys who have these skills can basically do WHATEVER THEY WANT and a woman will stick with them.

Have you ever heard about a woman who is with a total jerk… but she just won’t break up with him?

THIS is usually the reason why.

>>Key takeaway: Being great in bed is the only surefire way to CHEAT-PROOF your relationship, and keep a woman interested in you and only you for as long as you desire.

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10 Most Dangerous Mistakes You’re Probably Making In Bed

Dear Friend,

Even the best lovers are often guilty of mistakes in the bedroom… often WITHOUT ever knowing it.

It’s just a fact of life.

But… that doesn’t mean that YOU have to be!

In this revealing report you’ll discover the most common mistakes men make in bed… and… what to do INSTEAD to drive your woman WILD with pleasure. Avoid these 10 mistakes and you’ll have better sex the very NEXT time you make love…guaranteed…

Mistake #1) Thinking She is Climaxing When She Isn’t

You may think that your lover is having “multiples” (or even ONE you-know-what) when she is not. She may make a bunch of noises and even TELL YOU it’s happening. But is she really?

Grab a Cosmopolitan sometime and look at how many articles and comments on “faking it”. I’m not saying that YOUR GIRL is faking it EVERY TIME but… chances are there have been a few episodes of love making where she was CRAVING something other than what you were doing.

When this happens women just want it to be over and encourage you to finish. It doesn’t mean you are awful in bed; just that being a mind-blowing lover EVERY TIME takes some specialized knowledge.

If you are giving your girl the “Big O” (and absolutely 100% sure of it) then congratulations! You’re one of the few guys who is ACTUALLY pleasing a woman REALLY WELL. But if you’re not, it is crucial that you learn how…

Mistake #2) Not Giving Her a Variety of Sexual Experiences

A lot of guys who are new to lovemaking – or are used to doing it with the same woman – tend to forget that women want different KINDS of sensual EXPERIENCES.

You might think that changing positions a few times and varying the speed of your thrusting IS a mixing it up. But it is not.

Women thrive on emotions. Sometimes they want to be taken, sometimes they want it hard, and sometimes they want to make love.

If you are NOT talking during lovemaking and creating a strong emotional experience for her, she CAN’T be totally fulfilled. Women want and NEED strong emotional experiences in bed.

Let’s look at an example.

Women love bad boys because of the emotions that a bad boy inspires in them.

This is why that when a women cheats, it is often with a “bad boy.”

However, you don’t need to be bad boy to create bad boy emotions within her in the bedroom. Just be a bad boy yourself by giving her a light spanking, talking dirty, and giving it to her good!

Women also love very suave, romantic types. Think of the cheesy paperback romance novels they read with Fabio on the cover. This is not a myth… women REALLY read this stuff!

Now, I’m not saying you should grow long hair, huge man boobs, and start riding a horse… but what you can do is mix up your lovemaking with some romantic sessions in which you are telling your girl how beautiful she is to you and how much you love her.

Get it?

The skinny is this:

You NEED to give your lover a variety of sexual experiences… and YOU are capable of giving her each kind… but you have to mix it up!

Mistake #3) Forgetting To Be A MAN

Ask any 100 women off of the street and 99 of them will tell you that they want a man that TAKES CONTROL.

That’s right, we want YOU to call the shots!

As long as you are respectful, your girl DOES want you to take control in the bedroom, to flip her around and switch positions without asking, and to do what YOU want!

Women are programmed to respond to strong, authoritative, confident men. It signifies that you are a protector, a leader, and a suitable mate.

Sure, it’s ok to ask her if she is enjoying something… but keep it simple. Save the talk about actual positions she liked for AFTER you are done.

Now don’t get me wrong – you are not making her a slave here, but rather leading with authority and masculine strength.

Once you start doing this you will be able to do many things with her in the bedroom that she earlier would not do. Many guys often think a woman is just uptight if she doesn’t want to do something… when in reality she just needs you to be a man and guide her with strength and confidence. You’ll be amazed at just how powerfully she responds!

Mistake #4) Thinking Sex Isn’t That Important To Her

If you want to know how much women LOVE sex… just think about how loudly we scream during lovemaking! You won’t ever hear a guy screaming like that!

You might THINK that your drive is much higher than your woman’s because YOU are usually the one initiating sex with her. But…

As hard as it is to accept, recognize that if your girl doesn’t want to make love, it is NOT always because she doesn’t want to.

Unfortunately, it’s probably because you just aren’t getting her off.

Fortunately this is an easy fix, and in a moment we’ll talk about how to do it…

Mistake #5) Being Silent/Emotionless in Bed

You may think that it is “cheesy” or “creepy” to talk romantically in bed. (you may think its weird to talk at all in bed) However, women HATE silent, mechanical lovemaking.


I’ll say it again: We women THRIVE on emotion.

Dirty talk or romantic talk are EXCELLENT ways to give your girl STRONG EMOTIONS in bed. And strong emotions = STRONG ORGASMS.

Never think that it is solely your physical parts or motions you are making that give your girl the most pleasure. The most POWERFUL “BIG O” will always be triggered by our MINDS, not by our physical bodies.

Unlock her mind through dirty talk, romantic talk, and emotional talk WHILE having making love, and she will experience the most intense pleasure of her life!

Mistake #6) Trading Dinners/Flowers/etc To Get Sex From Her

Many men mistakenly think that we women aren’t interested in making love (we already discussed how this is incorrect thinking), and that they have to “trade something” with her to get her to want intimacy.

This is why you see so many guys trying to “get there” with their girl by first taking her out to a nice dinner or buying her gifts.

While doing nice things for your girl is awesome, it should NEVER be with the intention of GETTING SOME. When you have to trade something to get intimacy from your girl, realize that this is PROOF you are just not truly satisfying her in the bedroom.

When you are intimately satisfying your girl you will not have to trade ANYTHING for it, but she will often spontaneously text you sexy messages, buy YOU a small gift, or begin initiating lovemaking constantly. Just wait and see!

Mistake #7) Not Giving Her Enough “Foreplay”

If you still think of “foreplay” as the activity before lovemaking, well then you are thinking of it WRONG!

Here’s a hint: Women consider foreplay as PART of the lovemaking. NOT as a separate thing!

Here’s why:

While a man is not always capable of having a “Big O” during foreplay AND then another “Big O” during the actual lovemaking, WOMEN CAN!

Imagine if YOU could have one during foreplay… AND not lose any firmness and keep having them well into lovemaking. You’d want to spend A LOT of time in foreplay too, right?

Well your girl CAN have foreplay “O’s” AND penetration “O’s” so she DOES want to spend a lot of time in foreplay. As she should!

As a rule of thumb, spend at least the same amount of time on foreplay as lovemaking and you can always spend EVEN MORE time in foreplay. You can never get her too turned on and it will only make the lovemaking better when you are finally inside of her.

Mistake #8) Not Lasting Long Enough

This mistake is well known and very simple, but no list of mistakes in the bedroom would be complete without it. But while all guys know they need to last long… they don’t necessarily know HOW LONG that is!

Well, after talking to dozens of my girlfriends about the subject, I’ve discovered that we all think pretty much alike…

If you can last at least 20 minutes, most women will be SUPER happy with that!

Mistake #9) Mistaking Her Moody-ness For NORMAL Behavior

It’s no secret that we women can be a LOT moodier than you men =)

But if you’re in a relationship with a woman and she seems to keep getting more and more moody over time… this is often because she isn’t getting what she needs in the bedroom.


As we talked about before… while women aren’t usually as sexually aggressive as men, we do love and NEED to make love just as much!

But here’s the thing… if you’re not giving her the “Big O”… then lovemaking does her no good!

Can you imagine if when you were “taking care of yourself” you could NEVER “get there”? You’d begin to enjoy it less and less each time. Eventually you’d get so frustrated by the inability to “finish” that it would just be easier to avoid it COMPLETELY!


If you can’t give her the “Big O” why WOULD she want to make love with you?

The answer:

She won’t.

If your girl is not wanting to make love with you as much as you want then this is EXACTLY what has happened for her.

In the beginning, she may have tolerated it because she was really into you. Now that you have been together for a long time and lovemaking isn’t satisfying for her, it is more fulfilling for her to take care of HERSELF when you’re not around. This leads to only being with you on special occasions… or when she feels obligated (like if a guy bought her a fancy dinner or some sort of gift.)

If you recognize any of these signs, it’s time to step up your game NOW before the drought gets even worse.

And when you do, you’ll discover that when you are completely rocking her world in bed, not only is she in a better mood on a day-to-day basis… but SHE’LL start initiating making love with YOU!

A close friend of mine who is some what of a love-making expert himself told me something that I didnt’ believe at the time… but I now KNOW to be 100% true:


And hey, I’ll admit it… if a man can give it to me like that, this is probably true =)

If your girlfriend or wife is often starting arguments, not wanting intimacy, or acting “distant” in some way, it’s time to stop blaming her. Re-examine your ability because the real culprit is inadequate lovemaking pleasure.

Mistake #10) Not Getting Help

Top performers in any aspect of life realize that MASTERY is a journey, not a destination. Top athletes don’t all-of-a-sudden stop practicing. CEOs don’t suddenly neglect their businesses and expect it to keep growing. And guess what… lovemaking is no different.

To be an amazing lover you can’t ever be blinded by arrogance. Never think that you know EVERYTHING. You may know A LOT but there are ALWAYS new tricks or tips to get you to the next level.

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I’m this confident because I know from experience that these are the REAL secrets women want you to know =)

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