Here’s where I want to list out the weeks of content.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4


Intro to SMC (week 1)
This will be your first week instructions, you’ll learn exactly what SMC is, how it works, and what you’re going to get out of it.

Confidence Experts (week 2)
We are going to talk about what it means to have great confidence, inside and outside the bedroom.

Body Worshiping (week 3)
We jump right into what it’s like to worship a woman’s body.

Foreplay King (week 4)
How important is foreplay.

Dirty Talk (week 5)
We get down and dirty with these dirty talking instructions.

Dirty Talk Demonstrations (week 5)

Undressing Her (week 6)
How to undress her in a way that makes her ready for you to do anything you want.

Fingering Techniques (week 7)
There is a right and a wrong way to finger your girl and we want to show you some secrets.

Orgasmic Nipple Play (week 8)
How to make your girl cum by only playing with her nipples

Oral Sexpert (week 9)
How to get your girl to give you the best blow job. Including how to face fuck her and get her to swallow your load.

Penetration Sex For Orgasms (week 10)
Best penetration sex positions for orgasms.

Pentration Sex Demonstrations (week 11)

Anal Sex Made Easy (week 12)
Here’s where we discuss how to get your girl into the idea of having anal sex with you.

Anal Sex Made Easy Demonstration (week 13)
We show you how to put the techniques to the test.

Anal Sex Made Easy – Advanced demonstrations (week 14)

Role Playing (week 15)

Public sex (week 16)

Your Inner Dom (week 17)
How to have sex that is rough, and like it.

Body Worshipping (week 18)
Advantages to worshiping her body and what you get out of it.

Toy Talent Teaching (week 19)
How to introlduce toys to your relationship.

Threesomes Made Easy (week 20)
How to become a master at initiating threesomes with your girl.

Threesome Demonstrations (week 20)