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There’s no way to list out everything in the Squirting School program, however let me tell you the basics…

Here's Everything I'm Getting...

  • Instructional Video With Marcus London, Elsa Jean, Alexis Monroe, and Mona Wales (64 minutes)

Squirting orgasms explained, what to expect your first time, what techniques work every time, how to use these techniques, and how it works on all women no matter their age or sexual experience.

  • Instructional Video With Riley Reid and Adriana Chechik (34 minutes)

Benefits of squirting orgasms; how it will change your relationship and enhance your sex life.

  • Demonstration Video With Marcus London and Elsa Jean (32 minutes)

What to do with someone that has never had a squirting orgasm, and how to do it the first time you try.

  • Demonstration Video With Marcus London and Alexis Monroe (38 minutes)

How to give any girl a squirting orgasm, no matter if she is conservative in the bedroom or more open.

  • Demonstration Video With Marcus London and Mona Wales (30 minutes)

How to use the techniques to give multiple squirting orgasms.

  • Demonstration Video With Adriana Chechik and Riley Reid (26 minutes)

Two bisexual girls put the techniques to the test to prove if girls have what it takes.

  • Demonstration Video With Marcus London, Riley Reid and Adriana Chechik (47 minutes)

How to give two girls squirting orgasms at the same time.

5 Additional FREE Bonuses

Only The First 50 Buyers of Squirting School
Will Receive the Following Bonuses:

  • 4 Favorite Positions For Orgasms (62 minutes)

Elsa Jean, Alexis Monroe, and Mona Wales show you how to take ordinary positions to the next level of pleasure.

  • Best Positions For Multiple Orgasms (41 minutes)

Marcus London and Mona Wales show you the methods to give any girl multiple orgasms with these specific sex positions.

  • We Teach Sex University (Program)

This is my newly released online community that give you access to all of my knowledge! You'll uncover techniques that open the door to all of your wildest fantasies. We Teach Sex University is just $16.75 a week, billed monthly and you will only be charged if you stay passed the "trial" period. No obligation and cancel anytime.

  • Sexual Chemistry Mastery (eBook)

Uncover ways to connect directly to her sexual chemistry to have her craving your touch.

  • Subliminal Love Speak (eBook)

How to communicate with your partner to help her fall in love with you.

That's well over 6 hours of instructional online videos with explicit demonstrations and instant access to Marcus London's We Teach Sex University…

How Much Will You Pay For The Entire Squirting School Program?

Others say Squirting School has saved their marriage, or helped enhance their relationship, and that this program has tricked women to fall in much would that be worth to you?

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This program is easily worth that much, but today you aren't going to pay nearly $500, or even half of that.

You can get the Squirting School Program, retail price of $199.95 and the special bonuses, 4 Favorite Positions For Orgasms, Best Sex Positions For Amazing Orgasms valued at $149.95, plus the additional bonuses with a value of $120.95, and the Bonuses Are Free for the First 50 Buyers Only.

The total retail value, $199.95, plus $149.95, plus $120.95 equals $466.85.

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Made Her Fall in Love With Me

Hey guys, I just wanted to drop you a line and say THANK YOU for creating this program. I'm 63 years old and my wife unexpectedly died from a heart attack 2 years ago.

I decided to start dating and I wanted to make sure she knew I was the real deal when it came to sex, so I purchased the first edition of this program. It was incredible to see her face when I showed her what I could do. I'm convinced she wouldn't be with me today if it wasn't for this program.

Curt C

Worked the First Time We Tried

I honestly didn't know what to expect with this program but I was really curious if the techniques would be different than all the other videos online and they definitely were different. I had tried this before with my wife but it didn't work until I got your program and used what you taught me now it works every time we try.

Frank T

Saved My Marriage

I've been married for 25 years and my wife was never interested in having sex with me, started about 3 years ago. It put a strain on our marriage and we had talked about calling it quits. One day, luckily, I found this program and signed up immediately. I was desperate and needed to try anything to help my marriage.

I surprised her when I came home from work and told her we were trying something new tonight! She couldn't believe what I wanted to do but she went right along with it. It was incredible to get that part of our marriage back, the excitement, the anticipation, and the connection we had with doing something naughty together.

Raymond G

She Almost Cried

I was just starting to date a girl from my gym and she was a bit of a freak so I wanted to step up my game. We went back to my place after hitting the bar and the time was right, so I went for it. I warned her that I was about to blow her mind.

At first she brushed it off like I wasn't going to show her anything she's never seen before, and then, when I started to work the magic, she got real into it. Finally, after she basically covered my sheets with her wetness, she curled up into a ball and practically started to weep! She then went on to tell me that I just gave her the best orgasms of her life! She was in shock and loved it! I had claimed my title.

Peter T
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