The Stamina Escalation Process - Tactic 1

This Proven Process To Control Your Orgasm & Add Minutes To Your Stamina... You Can Use It And See Immediate Results Within 1 Day!

I remember that feeling of leaving a woman unsatisfied...

The awkward feeling between us, knowing that I just wasn’t capable, physically, to please her the way she needs.

This crushed me mentally and emotionally.

That’s why I decided to learn everything I could about controlling my orgasm.

I wanted to become an expert of my orgasm.

Discovering The Technique That Started It All

At first, it wasn’t an easy process, and it wasn’t a quick fix.

Until I stumbled across a simple to use technique that changed the way I looked at my own orgasm...

This technique allowed me to unlock the tools to completely controlling my orgasm. It even led to me becoming a successful male porn star.

And Now I’m going to share it with you so you can experience what it’s like to have control of your orgasm, and be able to fuck your girl for as long as you want.

Getting A Clear Perspective of Your Own Orgasm

In order to take control of your orgasm, you MUST have a clear picture of how things ACTUALLY are.

First, I want you to picture your orgasm as a graph, like this:

That’s a quick escalation straight to the explosion. This is the typical orgasm graph for a man, and what mine looked like before I used the technique I'm about to show you.

Instead of that, I want you to picture your Orgasm as a WAVE...

Like this…

With my technique, you're orgasm graph is going to look more like this.

And you’re going to get yourself there by masturbating and “edging” yourself through your “wave” orgasm.

How The Orgasm Wave Works & A Step By Step Guide On How To Use It

Step 1: Start Masturbating, and Get Yourself Up to a 7 Out of 10 on the Arousal Scale

  1. Start masturbating, and get yourself up to a 7 out of 10 on the arousal scale. (You’ll just have to subjectively decide what this is for you, it’ll be easier to identify with practice).
  2. Stop, and let yourself simmer down to a 5.
  3. Now work up to an 8, and then stop again and let yourself slide down to a 6
  4. Up to 9, down to 7.
  5. Up to 9.5, down to 7 again.
  6. A 9.5 is just before the point of no return when you know there’s nothing you can do.
  7. Repeat the 9.5 to 7 cycle over and over again until you get past 10 minutes.

Then you can let yourself go, and you’ll notice this also makes your orgasms MUCH stronger.

This is where it gets interesting…

Step 2: FOCUS on the Feeling in Your Cock When You Are at a 7

  1. You need to focus on the feeling of a 7 exactly. Pin point everything about it, the way the head of your cock feels, the tightness of your balls, the blood flow in your shaft, I mean pay attention to EVERYTHING. Got it? Okay.
  2. Now, when you get to a 9.5, right before you lose your load, I want you to focus in on that feeling too.
  3. Now that you’re at a 9.5 I want you to trick yourself into believing that you are at a 7. Do this by switching the feelings you’re having at a 9.5 into the feeling of a 7.
  4. Really focus on feeling like a 7 when you are at a 9.5.

Soon enough you will be at a 7, not a 9.5!

This will essentially stretch out your orgasm graph, and give you more time.

Once you feel yourself get back up to a 9.5, just repeat the process.

At first, this may only add 30 seconds to a minute, but it will start to add up to even more time.

And as you become more advanced at controlling yourself you’ll be able to go from a 9.5 to a 5!

Think of how powerful this is going to be once you get good at it. All the extra time you’re going to have to give your girl those penetration orgasms.

To finally be able to have the sex you’ve been craving.

Keep your eye out for my next email because I’m going to give you a technique to use with the Orgasm Graph technique above, and this one will take you to an entirely new level of stamina.